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Our Founder

Entrepreneur & Author

” Your skin tells your story, we want to help you write one that’s full of health and happiness”- Emilia

Born in South Africa but raised in a sleepy town of Northamptonshire, our company founder Emilia Makosa emerged as an entrepreneur when she was as young as eight, selling lemonade with her childhood friend Kelly; to her neighbours on her estate in South Africa. Independent, driven and creative- Emilia was virtually unstoppable as she forged a career for herself in the property industry.  Emilia currently owns an impressive property portfolio and have helped 1,000+ women in their property investment journey; however, she felt like she wasn’t meeting her full potential.

True to her entrepreneurial spirit, Emilia set off to start her own brand of cosmeceutical skincare line- this idea was born out of personal need. As a teenager, she suffered from terrible acne and it seemed to go away around the age of 18. However, as she approached her 34th birthday, she experienced a bout of what she describes as “the worst acene ever”. Emilia tried all sorts of products; natural and medical- sometimes a combination. But after extensive trial and error with the help of a private dermatologist, Emilia discovered that her skin responded better and much quicker to medical and clinical skincare products. The problem? it was just very expensive and everywhere she looked, none of the brands she was buying from seemed like they catered to especially Black skin. That was when the idea of ‘EMEILLEURQ’ was born. Meilleurq is a French word that simply means ‘best’. Emilia wanted to do better and pick the best formulations with ingredients that work especially very well for dark skin.

At 37, Emilia’s journey evolves, and so does her brand. EMEILLEURQ Skincare brand is representative of all the knowledge and experiences she has garnered. She brings the same fortitude to her business that she’s brought to all her endeavours in the property industry.

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