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EMEILLEURQ is pronounced ‘EMILIA’

Meilleurq is a French word for ‘better/ best’– and that’s what our brand represents. Better skincare, with the best ingredients, at affordable prices.

EMEILLEURQ is a premium natural cosmeceutical skincare and lifestyle brand built on the core belief that we all have the power to make a positive difference with our choices.


The Emeilleurq skincare line has always and will always be about results.

We believe healthy, vibrant skin is not a matter of luck or genetics. It’s a matter of science, education and diligence. And, armed with the right skincare regimen, everyone can find their best skin. Hyperpigmentation and dull skin texture is not something you should put up with if you don’t like it. We also believe you shouldn’t resort to buying cheap harmful products to have clear skin as much as buying expensive products to have beautiful skin. We want to bridge that gap.

Beyond the label:

Simply put, sustainable packaging matters. One of our most appreciated packaging initiatives is our glass bottles. Not only does glass add an elegant feel to the component itself, but it also is much more sustainable than traditional plastic bottles.

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