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90% of melasma sufferers are female, with women of colour more commonly affected.

Melasma is a skin condition that comes under the umbrella of hyperpigmentation – a term referring to a variety of conditions where the skin appears darkened or discoloured. Depending on your skin tone, these patches can appear brown or grey in colour.

Although primarily affecting the face, with high points on the forehead, cheeks, bridge of the nose, chin and upper lip most common, melasma can also appear on other areas of the body, typically those which are often exposed to sunlight, such as the forearms, neck, and shoulders.

Melasma can affect any skin tone, but it is extremely common in women of colour and is much more common in women than in men.

Why does melasma affect more women than men?

There are many triggers for melasma, but some of the most common are the hormonal changes that take place in women, including pregnancy or the menopause, or when taking contraceptive pills or other hormone treatments. When melasma occurs during pregnancy it is often referred to as chloasma – or the ‘mask of pregnancy’.

This could explain why 90% of those suffering from melasma are women. It also appears to be more common in women with a family history of hyperpigmentation so if your close family members suffer from this condition, you may also be prone to suffering from it.

Can melasma be treated?

Like most types of hyperpigmentation, treating melasma can be extremely difficult. Not all treatments work for everyone, and even if the melasma appears to disappear, it can return once treatment has stopped. And, for some people, melasma can last for years or even for the rest of their lives, making one of the most effective treatment options, a good skincare regime.

With the majority of sufferers women of colour, it seems ludicrous that many skincare products on the market are formulated for Caucasian skin, making them extremely ineffective on black skin.

Emeilleurq is different, it is a luxury cosmeceutical skincare brand with products containing clinically proven, effective ingredients and complexes that provide visible improvements to hyperpigmentation on dark skin. The brand’s HGF Triple Serum is particularly effective on melasma, targetting stubborn discolouration to restore a bright, even-toned complexion.

Many women find that the weather also plays a part, with their melasma appearing to get worse during the summer months and improving during the winter. This could be due to heat and sunlight, and in particular UV rays which are a major contributing factor to melasma, and many other types of hyperpigmentation. A good sunscreen like Emeilleurq’s Dermal+ Defense Sunscreen can protect against both UVA an UVB rays.

What’s more, while all Emeilleurq products are formulated to be extremely effective on black skin, they are also entirely safe to use on sensitive Caucasian skin making it a truly inclusive skincare brand.

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