Say goodbye to adult acne caused by stress, hormones, ingrown hair, diet and even medication! And if you suffer from hyperpigmentation caused by acne then our natural non-toxic, cosmetic products will help you achieve clearer skin and simplify your skincare regime. Our motto is ‘do more with less products’

“Every winter I try my best to get my recommended source of vitamin D via travel.. This year was a little different so I had to search elsewhere.. Thank you @emeilleurq for getting my glow back!

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Hyperpigmentation TRIO

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What is skin purging and why it happens?

When you try new products, something happens (or at least it should). But that something is not always what you expect. It can look an awful lot like a breakout, and that can cause you to give up on your products before they’ve had a chance to work their magic. We’re talking about the purge. Here’s why you should embrace

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Makeup and Your Skin: For Better or Worse?

Make-up is worn for an average of 8- 15 hours a day for many reasons, so it’s definitely affecting your skin more than you realise. In this post, we are going to share some of the common mistakes people make when wearing and removing makeup and give you tips to ensure you keep clogged pores and breakouts away. You shouldn’t

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What’s more satisfying? Finishing your PM skin routine or waking up to that morning glow? 💞 🧐 ...

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient required for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of the body, including the skin, but we cannot produce it on our own. The powerful antioxidant is found naturally in fruits and vegetables and commonly produced synthetically in skincare products, such as moisturizers, toners, and, most often, serums!

BUT, did you know not all vitamin c’s are the same??

The first form of vitamin C worth mentioning is the pure form, L-ascorbic acid. this is the most biologically active and well-studied form of vitamin C, but there are also several vitamin C derivatives, such as sodium ascorbyl phosphate, ascorbyl palmitate, retinyl ascorbate, tetrahexyldecyl ascorbate, and magnesium ascorbyl phosphate. These derivatives are not pure vitamin C, rather they are combined with other ingredients, which might help to keep the vitamin C stable.

So when these derivatives come in contact with the skin, they release the pure vitamin C onto the skin. For example, if a product contains 10 percent of one of these derivatives, they might only release 3 percent of pure vitamin C on the skin. 😳
Always read the ingredients label to know what type of Vit C you’re getting 💞💞 #emeilleurq

It’s essential that your cleansing product of choice not only removes make-up and impurities but also removes dead cells and excess oil. To leave your skin feeling clean, renewed and refreshed, you need something with deep pore penetrating power. Replenish hydration with this complexion-perfecting cleanser that offers natural moisturising factors that optimise skin radiance and texture. Our Prohydrate Cleanser and all others cleansers are now available in bigger sizes of 100ml! See, we do listen when our tribe speaks! 💞💞 #emeilleurq ...


You are not alone in having no earthly idea what a serum is. Even if you're the proud owner of several serums, it's not a particularly clear product on it's surface. Think of the contradictions: It's moisturizing, but you still use moisturizer. It can be oily, but it's not necessarily face oil. It can be watery. So many questions and we haven't even gotten to ingredient lists yet!

⭐️What is serum?
Serum is a skincare product you can apply to your skin after cleansing but before moisturizing with the intent of delivering powerful ingredients directly into the skin. Serum is particularly suited to this task because it is made up of smaller molecules that can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver a very high concentration of active ingredients.

Is serum a moisturizer?
Yes and no. Serums can be chock-full of moisturizing ingredients (hyaluronic acid, ceramides) to help skin retain moisture. But, that doesn't make them moisturizers in the traditional sense. Face lotions and creams are richer and create a barrier on top of the skin to keep all that good stuff in.

How often should I use my serum?
Well, this all depends on the serum. Read the label, but once a day will probably cover your bases.

Is serum right for your skin?
Probably. Get to know your ingredients first. If you're...
Acne-prone: Look for vitamin C (increases collagen production, enhances skin’s repair process, and reduces inflammation), retinol (also an antioxidant, reduces inflammation), zinc (soothes irritation, regulates oil production), and salicylic acid (unclogs pores).

Dry: Look for vitamin E (an antioxidant, protects cells from oxidative damage), niacinamide (improves skin elasticity, increases ceramide levels in skin), glycolic acid (gently exfoliates and lightens discoloration), and hyaluronic acid (retains moisture).

Feeling dull: Look for antioxidants like green tea extract, resveratrol, ferulic acid (these combat free radicals, increase effectiveness of sunscreen by day, and promote cellular repair and healing by night).

A word of caution: Because serums are super potent, more is not always better. 💞#emeilleurq

She may be the first female Vice President, but she won’t be the last! #femaleempowerment #kamalaharris2020 ...

We don’t know who needs to hear this but you must still use sunscreen everyday, even in winter!

Why? 🤔

Long story short: while it's true that the sun's ray aren't as strong during the winter, they can still be extremely damaging.

UV rays — particularly UVA — are still penetrating through clouds, and even through windows, and affecting your skin, These rays contribute to premature aging, like wrinkling, and dark spots. Not only that, but visible light, especially blue light, also contributes, and comes from the sun as well as from our screens! We recommend using a moisturizing SPF that protects against UVA/UVB and blue light.

⭐️ Recommendations⭐️


Did you know Retinol is capable of acting intuitively to target individual imperfections to improve uneven tone and texture as well as reducing the look of expression lines and wrinkles? No wonder it’s touted as a miracle ingredient in modern skincare. Our Illuminate Intense not only contains Retinol, but it also has ceramides which are known for their ability to reinforce your skins barrier and increasing hydration. Perfect set of ingredients that work well on all skin types and highly beneficial for black skin that’s well known for losing moisture due to black skin having the lowest ceramide levels compared to Caucasian skin. So..are you using retinol or products containing ceramides? #emeilleurq ...

“Not sure how I lived without this serum”

Our Derma Bright serum is packed with all the good stuff for your skin.

⭐️Vit C- antioxidant that’s great for protecting your skin from environmental stressors plus brightening and reducing hyperpigmentation
⭐️Vit B- helps with producing healthy new skin cells
⭐️Vit E- effective at combating the effects of free radicals, acne, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation
⭐️Ferulic Acid- powerful antioxidant that neutralises free-radical damage, decreases the formation of fine lines, brown spots and other signs of premature ageing!

Have you tried it yet? #emeilleurq

Thank you Neeloufer for reviewing our best selling duo; Illuminate Cleanser and Phyto Hyaluronic toner! Both perfect for acne prone skin; removes dirt and excess oil and hydrating toner to stop skin dryness and chaffing. #emeilleurq ...

It’s not hard to remember a time when acids were confined to chemistry class or the weapon of choice for Bond villains. Nasty, dangerous liquids that you wouldn’t want anywhere near you, let alone on your face.

Fast forward a few years, and chemical exfoliants containing just that have gone mainstream, stepping out of medical clinics and into the formulas of every major skincare product.

The reality is acids are not frightening at all. Harnessed in controlled quantities, they can dissolve dead skin cells, as well as oil, dirt and bacteria, to deliver a level of clean you simply couldn’t get from a face wash or physical exfoliator.

Big pores? Glycolic acid. Dull skin? Mandelic acid. Dry skin? Lactic acid. Oily skin? Salicylic acid. There’s an acid for every skin condition, so get over your fear and dive in for your best skin yet.

What Is A Chemical Exfoliant?
Chemical exfoliants are acids that react with the skin, removing built-up layers of dead cells and excess oil that can cause dull skin and blemishes. In short, they are very good for your skin especially if you want that healthy glow. We’ve tagged our best selling exfoliates 💕💕 #emeilleurq


“The best moisturiser out there for anyone who has hyperpigmentation. I experienced flaking for a few days then it stopped but what I noticed through out was how it kept my skin moisturised through out the day. This product is highly recommended 👍🏽”- Sonia, UK


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